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What is Power English course

The power english course, or as the owner of the effortless english course calls it, ranks as one of the best English language courses on the scene now. The course gained wide popularity, especially among Arab youth, and everyone started circulating it on social media. Is the course worth all the fuss?

Indeed, the power english course deserves all the fuss about it. Its valuable content and unique and unique idea have made it the focus of everyone’s attention. This course is suitable for intermediate or lower-level English language learners.

The course is for 30 weeks, but you will start to notice the terrible difference after the first month and from your experience…..
The advantage of the course is that it will change many things in your life, not only the English course. It will prepare you for life and open your eyes to truly great ideas and different cultures, and it will literally broaden your mind’s perception… One of its advantages is also that it does not need you to time.. You just need to hear it every day for an hour and a half Almost, but the idea is that it is all audio files that you can hear while you are on the transportation or when you are going for a ride or are waiting for someone.. which is the time that is so wasted.

Who is Aj Hoge

One of the best teachers in the world in the English language, especially at the present time, he began his career as an English language teacher, distinguished from others in a distinctive way in offering lessons.

aj hoge is the owner of the power english course, which we talked about in the previous point, and it was the race to devise a new method that enables you to learn English in 6 months through basic factors that you must apply if you want to succeed: discipline, determination, work, these methods are the key to success for any It was.

aj hoge is the leader of an international company, effortless english, which specializes in teaching English.

The lessons of aj hoge are scattered all over the world and the most famous of all is the power english course.

Why should I choose a power english course??

The course is provided by a specialist in the English language and arranged according to correct standards.
The number of students for this course exceeded millions, and therefore the content is very valuable and valuable.
Each part of the course is available in video, audio and pdf format.
The course is taught in more than 25 countries worldwide.
This course was nominated as one of the best English language courses, as the method of explanation is characterized by simplicity, and Dr. AJ Hoge relies in this course on seven rules that if followed, your English will improve significantly and very significantly, the rules are as follows

  • First rule: Study Phrases , Not Individual Words
  • Rule Two: Don’t Study Grammer
  • Third rule: Learn With Your Ears , Not Your Eyes
  • Fourth rule: Slow , Deep English Learning Is Better
  • Rule 5: Use Point Of View Mini Stories
  • Rule 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials
  • Seventh Rule: Listen And Answer , Not Listen And Repeat

Explain the rules of learning English

The first rule

Learn English phrases, not individual words.
Learn the English language in syllables and not individual words

The syllables are a group of words, not a complete sentence, so learning the word is this traditional way to learn the word and its meaning, but learning a syllable is easier for memory, as it draws in memory the meaning of the word and thus easy to remember its meaning. For example, the word hate means to hate. Instead, write the whole sentence, for example, John hates ice-cream and what’s the point of that? The benefit is great, as you learn more than one word in one syllable, as you remember the whole story, you remember who John is, and you remember that John has ice cream and he doesn’t like ice cream. Study and trouble and even easier when you speak correctly because you learned a sentence with all its components from the subject, verb, noun and letter, then the formation of your sentence becomes automatically without thinking about whether you need to add s to the verb or not or use any appropriate tenses. All this you will learn from syllables and sentences, not from single words.

This is how children learn the language of their parents, sentences and phrases, not single words. So all you have to do is listen to the real English from its companions in the news, radio, or movies, or read an English story written by an English originator and learn from it syllables and not single words. Thus, your memory for the meaning of words will improve and your grammar will improve in a way Automatic.

The second rule

Do not study grammar rules.
Do not study grammar

You may be surprised by the second rule, how I do not learn the rules, and you find education in schools, universities and courses depends on the rules, but can you speak normally even though you have been learning English for at least 5 years, but you find professors in universities who do not speak English correctly, and are you young and you learn to speak from your parents You were learning grammar, sure no. However, you use your language correctly, because when you focus on studying grammar, when you speak, you don’t speak automatically, but analyze first. Are you going to use the past simple, present perfect, past perfect, or simple future? You think about all of this, so your speech is heavy and slow and not automatic. And it has many errors, so all you have to ignore is studying the rules, which always bothers you.

The Third rule

learn with your ears, not with your eyes.
Learn with your ears, not with your eyes

If you want to speak the language correctly as its owners, all you have to hear a lot a lot, there is a rule in the language that says “If you want to learn to speak, you must listen, and if you want to learn to write, you must read” This rule is one of the most important rules in the language is to listen a lot and you will learn words and rules And you understand faster and speak fluently. In studying, you depend more on the eye. This does not help you in speaking. Listening is really useful. It makes you speak easily, flexibly and fluently. You have to listen a lot to easy English, which you can understand 95% or more of without stopping the sound or looking at the dictionary. You can Using children’s programs, which are easy for you to understand, and you can switch to audio and video, which is somewhat difficult, but you must see the text of the speech to read it, meaning that you can hear and see the speech at the same time. Listen a lot in the morning and in the evening and in transportation.

The Fourth rule

Learn deeply. deep learning.
deep learning

One of the important rules is to learn deeply. It means to repeat what you have learned over and over again. Unlike what you learn in schools and universities, every day you learn something new, new words and rules, and then you forget what you learned, but in order to learn well and speak fluently, learn deeply, repeat what you learned today morning and evening Every day for a week or two, do not get bored or dull. The results will amaze you. You can listen 30 times to the lesson or the audio clip that you learn from, 50 or even 100 times. This makes you learn easily and quickly and makes you speak fluently without errors or suffering in understanding, and you will gradually develop in speaking fluently.

The Fifth rule

Point of view stories technique.
Story display technology

It is the technique that keeps you from learning grammar, and it is about presenting the story and it is often a short story in more than one way by changing the time, for example, and we will mention a simple example

There is a boy, his name is Bill. Bill goes to the store. He buys a bottle of water. He pays two dollars for the water.

We mentioned here the story in the present, meaning that it is happening now.. You have to listen to it more than once to apply the previous rule, learn in depth, and then take the same story but in the past tense.

There was a boy named Bill. Yesterday, he went to the store. He bought a bottle of water. He paid two dollars for the water.

The hearing is repeated more than once and therefore you do not need to learn the rules. You have experience in that without learning the rules. You can be a sentence in the present tense and talk about a news in the past without analysis, but rather fluently and spontaneously.
The same story can be repeated in the future tense

There will be a boy. His name will be Bill. He’s going to go to the store and he’ll buy a bottle of water. He’s going to pay two dollars for the water.

Now you have a quick experience in forming a sentence in the past, present and future without thinking this verb is gay, but this needs to add an ed and this needs to add an s or this sentence will be a simple past or present perfect All of these analyzes take time from your thinking and make it difficult for you to speak and speak correctly and automatically.

The Sixth rule

Use real English materials.
Use original English audio material

That is, use audio materials for people of the same language to teach you the English language. For example, do not use an audio recording of one of your teachers. Choose fun and interesting audio materials for you that you enjoy learning and that are easy for you as well, so that it is easy for you to understand and learn from them easily. Use audio materials for the ordinary life of Americans, for example, from movie clips or From a children’s program, do not listen to recorded educational CDs. This is really suspicious. Do not do this. Look for radio conversations. Look for an audio book or written audio conversations. Choose easy audio materials, then the most difficult and difficult. You can then follow the news on CNN, BBC, and others.

The Seventh rule

Use listen-and-answer mini stories.
Use the method of listening and answering the short stories

This method is relied on by the teacher AJ Hoge, which distinguishes it from many. The traditional method is that the teacher says a sentence and then the students repeat it without thinking and understanding. He just repeats in order to memorize. Here it is called the method of listening and repetition, and this method is useless. The method of listening and answering is a story that is done List them with questions and you answer them are simple questions but make your mind think in English not in your language and train you to be your response automatic and fast without translating the question and then answering in your language and then translating the answer and then answering slowly All this happens because your mind does not think in English but thinks in your language This way trains your mind to think In English, by telling the story with simple questions that you understand quickly and respond to them quickly without thinking.

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