Child Mental Health

Defining the child's mental health and the most common types of psychological disorders among children and the most important factors affecting the mental health of the child around him and the need to control them are the topics that the…

Introduction to Mental Disorders

This MOOC discusses the concept of psychiatry, mood, and psychotic disorders and how to deal with them. The MOOC also discusses obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, and lack of concentration, addiction, and dementia.

Project Management for Life

Project management is not solely related to a person’s business life but rather everybody’s everyday lives. People’s daily routine includes project management, therefore it is a way of life rather than a way of dealing with your business.

Customer Service: How to Deal with Consumers

About this course This course deals with several topics that constitute the reality of customer service: introduction, Services defined, Characteristics of services, differences between goods and services, customers expectations,

Marketing for Startups

Are you a leader? Or an entrepreneur? Do you have a project or idea that you want to develop? or perhaps you have a passion for marketing? This course is designed to meet your passion for learning.

Community-Based Research

Community based research means involving a community in all stages of a research process - this kind of research can give people the power to transform their lives.