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About this Course

This course has been created to develop your abilities and skills to enter the world of fashion design and stimulate your creativity so that you master designing the mood board and the design of clothes. Through this course, you will learn about the history of fashion, how to predict fashion and learn important technical skills such as pattern making and sewing. When you finish and complete this course you will have a new look on fashion design and you will have the tools you need to prepare a beautiful portfolio that will help you succeed in the fashion world.

Fashion Design is a free course offered by Edraak that deals with the most important basics and elements of fashion design, in addition to all types of fashion design and the types of threads, fabrics and seams used in sewing various pieces of clothing. The course also includes a full explanation of the steps of fashion design in meticulous detail and the special technical skills required for the learner to master this art, such as the basics of drawing and sewing.

If you are interested in learning the basics of fashion design and penny in sewing or teaching fashion design drawing for beginners then this course is definitely for you. The preparation team has designed it to develop learners’ abilities and prepare them in the future to enter the world of fashion design. Where the course clarifies the goals of fashion design, stimulates creativity among the learner, and provides him with the necessary skill to distinguish between types of mood boards and to master working on them.

We begin the Fashion Design course by talking about the history of this wide field, how it originated, and the historical events that affected the world of fashion, in addition to how to predict fashion trends. Then, we follow the course by mentioning the elements of initial fashion design and the types of fashion design in general, with a focus on the female way of dressing and the types of skirts styles.

You will also learn, through the course on Fashion Design, the concept and types of mood boards or ideas board, and how to collect ideas, colors, designs, textures, and other requirements to start designing, as this step is one of the most important fashion design steps that directly affect the final result of the design and its success or His failure.

This course covers sewing and fashion design, step by step, starting with how to attach the machine, through the most important types of seams used in sewing, and ending with how to sew and cut skirts. And we proceed from that to the steps of drawing for fashion design, where you will learn how to draw flat drawings and how to draw a mannequin body to design clothes that fit different bodies.

In order to be able to master sewing and fashion design, you must fully understand the concept of mannequin, so during the Fashion Design course we will explain the parts of the mannequin in detail to help you master the way of drawing a mannequin’s body and dressing it with the clothes you want to design. Besides, it enables you to teach mannequin drawing for beginners who aspire to work in this field.

Upon completing the requirements of the Fashion Design course, you will find that you will be able to form a new view of the goals of fashion design, and you will also be able to acquire the skills and tools necessary to prepare a portfolio of your business and drawings in a professional and appropriate manner, to help you find your way to success in the world of fashion and enable you to turn this hobby into Profession.

Register now in this free course from Edraak, to learn the basics of fashion design and how to teach fashion design drawing for beginners, in addition to teaching mannequin drawing for beginners and everything related to the world of fashion design, from its history, present and future.

What You Will Learn

  • The history of fashion
  • How to predict the next trending fashion design
  • Types of Fabric
  • Drawing for Fashion Design
  • How to create a Mood Board
  • Sewing
  • Mannequin
  • Pattern Making
  • Types of Skirts
  • Stitching



Edraak, is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform, that is an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation (QRF). QRF is determined to ensure that the Arab world is at the forefront of educational innovation. As such, QRF has capitalized on regional Arab talent to leverage technology developed by the Harvard-MIT consortium, edX, to create the first non-profit Arabic MOOC platform. The new MOOC platform will present the Arab world with unique and vital opportunities that can be part of a necessary revolution in education and learning.

First, the platform will broadcast the best Arab professors to the region, offering original Arabic courses – developed by QRF – to further enrich Arab education. Through its partnership with edX, the platform will also give Arab learners access in Arabic to courses taught and developed at top tier institutions like HarvardX, MITX, and UC BerkelyX. All courses are delivered at no cost to the learner.

Second, QRF envisions the use of the platform to showcase Arab role models by broadcasting short online courses by practitioners and professionals from a variety of fields spanning the arts and sciences.

Finally, QRF believes that the platform will enable the Arab world to take advantage of the international interest in regional affairs to tell its own story to the world. Arab university professors and regional experts can use the platform to give courses in English about the region and its history. This will serve to inform a global audience that is interested in the region’s development.


Farah Hourani

Farah Hourani, studied fashion design at Esmod in Beirut and took several fashion design courses at London college of Fashion. In addition, Farah was a finalist in Fashion Star season 1 on Dubai One. She has also held many fashion shows in London, Beirut and participated in Los Angeles Fashion Week.

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