Customer Service: How to Deal with Consumers


About this course

This course deals with several topics that constitute the reality of customer service: introduction, Services defined, Characteristics of services, differences between goods and services, customers expectations, customer experiences, service quality, SERVQUAL/GAP model, customers perception and motivation. Customer decision making, customer satisfaction, communication and message mapping. Moreover, the course deals with marketing and customer loyalty, service and quality dimensions, customer complaints, customer segmentation, product life cycle. Advertising and promotion, dealing with customers (telephone etiquette).

What You Will Learn

  • How to manage customer expectations
  • Effective communication skills to deal with customers
  • Adequate behavior with customers
  • Communication techniques
  • Advertising techniques
  • Customer Satisfaction Techniques
  • Customer understanding methodologies
  • Control the effects of consumer behavior
  • Differences between goods and services.



Edraak, is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform, that is an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation (QRF). QRF is determined to ensure that the Arab world is at the forefront of educational innovation. As such, QRF has capitalized on regional Arab talent to leverage technology developed by the Harvard-MIT consortium, edX, to create the first non-profit Arabic MOOC platform. The new MOOC platform will present the Arab world with unique and vital opportunities that can be part of a necessary revolution in education and learning.

First, the platform will broadcast the best Arab professors to the region, offering original Arabic courses – developed by QRF – to further enrich Arab education. Through its partnership with edX, the platform will also give Arab learners access in Arabic to courses taught and developed at top tier institutions like HarvardX, MITX, and UC BerkelyX. All courses are delivered at no cost to the learner.

Second, QRF envisions the use of the platform to showcase Arab role models by broadcasting short online courses by practitioners and professionals from a variety of fields spanning the arts and sciences.

Finally, QRF believes that the platform will enable the Arab world to take advantage of the international interest in regional affairs to tell its own story to the world. Arab university professors and regional experts can use the platform to give courses in English about the region and its history. This will serve to inform a global audience that is interested in the region’s development.


Ahmad Anouti

Ahmad Anouti, studied business administration at the american university of culture and education in Lebanon and then got his masters in business administration at the University of Balamand. In addition, he has a PhD in Marketing from Grenoble Business School, France and is a visiting professor at the Sorbonne and the Paris School of Business.

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