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Game Design

Video games are among the most important entertainment aspects of our generation exceeding movies, books, and television from a revenue and cultural significance standpoint. This course aims to provide an academic and theoretical basis to…

Product Management

Product Management has become the executive track at companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter. The product manager must have good analytical, problem solving, technical, and business skills to deliver a great end to end user experience.…

Remedial Statistic and Life

This course will introduce learners to the basic concepts of statistics, and issues involved in statistical reasoning, The major topics to be covered include methods for collecting and analyzing data, elementary probability, and methods for…

Advanced Skills in Revit Design

During this course, we will learn about the most important features of the revit program, which is 3D technology, work on drawing pipes and cable trays for electrical systems, how to find and solve collisions between the different elements…

Basics in Revit Design

In the early stages of design, basic concepts were created using the two-dimensional shape and designers had to draw a physical picture of their visualization in order to communicate their idea clearly to those interested.

Child Mental Health

Defining the child's mental health and the most common types of psychological disorders among children and the most important factors affecting the mental health of the child around him and the need to control them are the topics that the…

Introduction to Mental Disorders

This MOOC discusses the concept of psychiatry, mood, and psychotic disorders and how to deal with them. The MOOC also discusses obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, and lack of concentration, addiction, and dementia.

Project Management for Life

Project management is not solely related to a person’s business life but rather everybody’s everyday lives. People’s daily routine includes project management, therefore it is a way of life rather than a way of dealing with your business.