Calculus 2


About this Course

Calculus 2 is a part of the Calculus Series. This course will cover several topics like limits, derivatives, functions, Maxima & Minima and other intermediate topics

Calculus 2 course is a free course offered by Edraak and is an essential part of a series of beginners’ courses in calculus. The course deals with the most important rules of calculus and integration in mathematics such as the laws of endings and the rules of derivation, including the implicit derivation. The course also explains how to find derivatives using the definition of limits, giving many applications to derivatives in mathematics.

The learner will learn through the course of Calculus 2 on the concepts and laws of endings, how to extract the end of conjugation from a drawn form, in addition to how to calculate the limit from the conjugation rule. The course also introduces the learner to a number of operations and exercises on calculating limits and calculating the limits associated with the root and the relationship between the first derivative and the concept of the limit.

As for derivatives and conjunctions, in the course of Calculus 2 you will learn the concept of the end of conjugation, as well as the most important rules of derivation such as the implicit derivation rule and the chain rule, particularly in the case of combining conjunctions. The course provides the learner with a set of exercises to help them better understand derivatives and conjunctions, including exercises on the derivative of two conjugations, the derivative of the division of two conjugations, and so on.

In this course, you will also learn about the concept of the second derivative and how to test the second derivative, in addition to defining the derivative in mathematics and how to derive branching conjunctions. You will also learn how to draw curves and analyze coupling properties through drawing. The calculus 2 course will explain what the inflection points are, giving many examples and engineering and physical applications of derivatives.

Just as in the first part of this series of beginners’ courses in calculus, presented by Edraak, the Calculus 2 course provides many engineering applications of differentiation in addition to the applications of maximum values ​​and the applications of derivation in order to ensure that the learner understands all the basics and rules of calculus through their application.

The engineering applications of differentiation in the course of Calculus 2 and the applications of maximum values ​​will help you to be able to determine the appropriate geometric shapes for specific sizes and calculate these volumes. For example, if you want to know the volume of water required to fill a swimming pool in an irregular geometric pattern, you will be able to do so after completing this course and solving the exercises and the problems that accompany it.

There are many important applications of calculus in our daily life and through Calculus 2 course you will be able to understand a large part of it and solve exercises on it. In order to achieve the greatest benefit from this course, we advise the learner to register in the first part of this series and then the second to learn the material perfectly through explanations, examples and exercises.

Learn the basics of calculus in mathematics through this free course from Edraak entitled Calculus 2, which will also introduce you to how to find derivatives using the definition of limits and other important topics related to calculus and integration and many examples, problems and applications of derivatives in mathematics.

What You Will Learn

  • Calculus in mathematics.
  • Laws of endings and end conjugations.
  • The rules for the derivation and specifically the implicit derivation.
  • Applications of Derivatives in Mathematics.
  • Engineering applications of differentiation.
  • Applications of extreme values.



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