Calculus 1


About this Course

Calculus 1 is a part of the Calculus Series. This course will cover several introductory topics like Geogebra, Functions, Slope, Exponents, Logs, Derivatives and Limits .

Calculus 1 course is a free course offered from Edraak and part of a series of differential and integration courses on Edraak website. The course deals with the basics of calculus and integration and how to use geogebra in teaching mathematics, logarithms, foundations, laws of calculus, the concept of linear coupling, square conjugation and the difference between them, in addition to periods on numbers. How to find the field and extent of the drawing, determine the conjugation rule, calculate its value, and distinguish between conjugation, relationship, and the properties of coupling.

We find applications of calculus in practical life in a large and daily way, and one of the manifestations of the importance of this science is that it helped derive many important physical laws and also has a role in determining some physical values ​​such as velocity, acceleration and distance calculation, and for this reason calculus is considered one of the most important branches of mathematics Which is usually taught as a university requirement for most of the students according to major, as it is taught to high school students (Tawjihi).

We usually find the word differentiation in conjunction with the word integration because of the overlap in practical applications to provide accurate mathematical explanations, and this science is concerned with the study of limits, continuity, infinite series, calculation of integrals in mathematics, the derivation of equations, algebraic terms, linear conjugation and quadratic conjugation, and you will learn about all of that and more through a course Calculus 1.

Calculus is an opposite process to integration, as differentiation focuses on studying the infinitesimal quantities in an individual way and the processes that these small parts go through. As for integration, it focuses on adding an infinite number of small quantities together and this is what you will discover in the Calculus 1 course, which explains the laws of calculus precisely. And simplified.

Calculus is included in many engineering applications and different sciences, as it is used to study the behavior of functions and changes in them and solve algebra problems easily. And many more practical examples and exercises.

The calculus 1 course also covers some important conjunctions, their geometric transformations, their applications, operations and practical examples thereof, and explains how to construct two conjugations and introduces the laws of logarithms and foundations and their properties and applied issues on them, in addition to examples and applied issues on the foundations of chess and the compound profit foundations and how to solve the exponential and logarithmic equations.

By the end of the course, you will have a clearer picture of the concept of the first derivative, the mean of change, range, range and slope at a point and the tangent to the curve at a certain point, in addition to the exponential conjugations, logarithms, limits, geogravians and tangent equations.

Learn the basics of calculus in this free course from Edraak entitled Calculus 1, which will also introduce you to how to use geogebra in teaching mathematics and other important topics in the theory of calculus.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Geogebra
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Types of Functions and Operations on Functions
  • Essential Functions
  • Calculating Slope
  • Exponents and Power Functions and their Laws
  • Log Functions and their Laws
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Introduction to Limits



Edraak, is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform, that is an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation (QRF). QRF is determined to ensure that the Arab world is at the forefront of educational innovation. As such, QRF has capitalized on regional Arab talent to leverage technology developed by the Harvard-MIT consortium, edX, to create the first non-profit Arabic MOOC platform. The new MOOC platform will present the Arab world with unique and vital opportunities that can be part of a necessary revolution in education and learning.

First, the platform will broadcast the best Arab professors to the region, offering original Arabic courses – developed by QRF – to further enrich Arab education. Through its partnership with edX, the platform will also give Arab learners access in Arabic to courses taught and developed at top tier institutions like HarvardX, MITX, and UC BerkelyX. All courses are delivered at no cost to the learner.

Second, QRF envisions the use of the platform to showcase Arab role models by broadcasting short online courses by practitioners and professionals from a variety of fields spanning the arts and sciences.

Finally, QRF believes that the platform will enable the Arab world to take advantage of the international interest in regional affairs to tell its own story to the world. Arab university professors and regional experts can use the platform to give courses in English about the region and its history. This will serve to inform a global audience that is interested in the region’s development.


Dr. Mofeed Ahmad Abumosa

Dr. Mofeed Abumosa is an assistant professor and a general course coordinator of math education and math courses at the Arab Open University- Jordan. He has taught several graduate courses in multimedia design and educational software production. He has around 25 years of experience in teaching Math. He worked as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Rubicon and Cisco Learning Institute (CLI) specializing in instructional design for e-math curriculum in Jordan. Dr. Mofeed also worked as a core trainer at the Ministry of Education Jordan and published several papers on math education, in addition to his participation in many regional conferences. Dr. Mofeed used to live in Kuwait where he studied all schools stages. His received his Bachelor’s degree from King Abdul Aziz University in Math, his Master’s degree from Yarmouk University and his PhD from Jordan University. During last year, Dr Mofeed has contributed as a referee to the Queen Rania Reward for teachers. Dr. Mofeed is an active member in many professional communities.

Yousef Sail Mahmoud

Yousef is a mathematics teacher at the Ministry of Education’s schools since 2000. He also taught in Palestine from 1998 until 2000. Yousef received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Baghdad in 1997 and a higher diploma in education from the Arab Open University in 2011. Yousef is currently pursuing a master’s degree in educational technology.

Reem Al Qawasmeh

Reem was a director assistant at the American Digital Schools; a private school in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and also worked in the field of coordination and supervision of science and mathematics departments. Reem holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Mutah University and a Higher Diploma in Education Technology from Yarmouk University. She has several experiences in the field of computing curriculum where she worked as the science department supervisor at; an OASIS500 emerging company financed by the King Abdullah II Fund, and supervised the science department specialized in attainment and capabilities test affiliated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and finally designed several e-science curricula in collaboration with Salasil for Education. Reem is currently persuing a Master’s degree in Educational Technology at the Arab Open University/Jordan and is one of the outstanding students in the major.

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