Google Professional Certificates

1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate About this Professional Certificate Prepare for a new career in the high-growth field of data analytics, no experience or degree required. Get professional training designed by


This course is designed for non-native English speakers interested in developing the skills needed for a career in modern journalism. In this course, you will explore print and digital media while expanding your vocabulary and increasing…

Fashion Design 2

ashion Design 2 is a free course offered by Edraak and part of a series of design courses. The course deals with the most important concepts and terms of fashion, principles of fashion design, a table of sizes and types of clothes, pattern…

Fashion Design

This course has been created to develop your abilities and skills to enter the world of fashion design and stimulate your creativity so that you master designing the mood board and the design of clothes.

Calculus 2

Calculus 2 is a part of the Calculus Series. This course will cover several topics like limits, derivatives, functions, Maxima & Minima and other intermediate topics

Calculus 1

Calculus 1 is a part of the Calculus Series. This course will cover several introductory topics like Geogebra, Functions, Slope, Exponents, Logs, Derivatives and Limits .